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Exceptional Capabilities

We are committed to providing customers with extensive technical support related to their application requirements. We offer extensive qualification reports on our components though our world-class technology centers. Utilizing state-of-the art test equipment, we are able to simulate real-life conditions that allow you to evaluate our product performance for your specific application. Testing capabilities provide evaluation of the following:

  • Acoustical: sound dampening and absorption effect of a product
  • EMI: ability of a component to dissipate or shield from electromagnetic interference
  • Environmental: product performance in terms of anticipated environmental conditions, including flammability, smoke density, durability, fogging, stone impingements, and humidity
  • Mechanical: abrasion resistance, tensile strength, and impact effect on a product under various stress conditions
  • Thermal: insulating ability of a product to protect or contain heat from an external or internal heat source

Our ability to simulate customer specific scenarios on-site, utilize predictive modeling and conduct extensive testing enables us to quickly respond and deliver the highest level of protection for your applications. Our technical teams are at your disposal to define and conduct the tests most appropriate to your component needs.